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Facebook smiley - emoticon chat code

free smiley face images for orkut, myspace, facebook
                   FACEBOOK EMOTICON CODE
[click image , you will get Facebook emoticon with code]

                                                          april fool prank smiley for orkut, myspace, facebook
                        [click image] 
[you will get Facebook emoticon without code]


Above two image represent Facebook emoticon. different between two image is that after click on first image you will get latest awesome 2012 Facebook emoticon with code and after click on second image you will get same emoticon page but it is without code so no need to remember code.

we thought that the available Facebook chat emoticons above still missing emoticons so we updated new Facebook emoticon like Youtube Icon ,Myspace Icon ,Pokerface ,Pokemon Ball ,superman ,batman ,Mr.Krabs ,Picture of American Idol judges ,Mickey Mouse Icon and ,Star Trek Image. like this many icon available here for chat.

Here some Facebook emoticon code listed.

[[136942059667395]] - Superman
[[133603427601]] - Batman
[[250128751720149]] - Domo
[[plankton]] - Plankton
[[326134990738733]] - Pikachu
[[236147243124900]] - Pokemon Ball
[[google]] - Google Icon
[[googlechrome]] - Google Chrome Icon
[[youtube]] - Youtube Icon
[[facebook]] - Facebook Icon
[[hulu]] - Hulu Icon
[[Myspace]] - Myspace Icon
[[smosh]] - Picture of Ian Hecox and Anthony Pedilla
[[raywilliamjohnson]] - Picture of Ray William Johnson
[[nigahiga]] - Picture of Ryan Higa

[[166456416741199]] - Angry Bird
[[300983063279872]] - Eight Bit Mario
[[supermario]] - Super Mario
[[155393057897143]] - Doraemon
[[224502284290679]] - Norbita
[[227644903931785]] - Forever Alone Face
[[167359756658519]] - Anime Face
[[glee]] - Glee Channel Icon
[[themiddle]] - The Middle TV Show Icon
[[cartoonnetwork]] - Cartoon Network Channel Icon
[[disney]] - Mickey Mouse Icon
[[starwars]] - Darth Maul Image
[[startrek]] - Star Trek Image
[[drseuss]] - Dr.Seuss Icon
[[blackeyedpeas]] - Image of Black Eyed Peas band
[[lmfao]] - Image of LMFAO members
[[journey]] - Image of Journey album cover
[[thebeatles]] - Image of The Beatles
[[bonjovi]] - Image of singer Jon Bon Jovi
[[taylorswift]] - Picture of Taylor Swift in cowboy hat
[[aerosmith]] - Image of Aerosmith members
[[defleppard]] - Def Leppard Triangle
[[nightranger]] - Night Ranger band Image
[[heart]] - Picture of Heart band members
[[scorpions]] - Scorpions album cover image
[[tripleh]] - Image of pro wrestler Triple H
[[johncena]] - Image of pro wrestler John Cena
[[reymysterio]] - Image of pro wresler Rey Mysterio
[[michaelcole]] - Image of WWE announcer Michael Cole
[[148935948523684]] - Pedo Bear
[[333708903307152]] - Smiley Face Smirking
[[157618067676266]] - Smiley Face xD
[[134695813311979]] - Smiley Face Hmm
[[208551699231052]] - Smiley Face Mysterious
[[243002845770158]] - Smiley Face WTF
[[274914629225060]] - Smiley Face Shock
[[144264815683239]] = Smiley Face Crazy
[[100003277310675]] - M
[[100003252111881]] - A
[[334954663181745]] - Spongebob (1)
[[spongebob]] - Spongebob (2)
[[squidward]] - Squidward
[[mrkrabs]] - Mr.Krabs
[[196431117116365]] - Shin Chan
[[171108522930776]] - Troll Face
[[224812970902314]] - Derp
[[249199828481201]] - Kontana Izumi
[[100003281300913]] - H
[[100001428370699]] - O
[[130990790350077]] - Flip
[[138413752938532]] - Chew
[[244583952274501]] - Ksmirk
[[144685078974802]] - Mojacko
[[223328504409723]] - Gintoki Sakata
[[129627277060203]] - Pokerface
[[291564294222770]] - Facebook Empty Profile Picture
[[nostalgiacritic]] - Picture of Doug Walker as The Nostalgia Critic
[[toddintheshadows]] - Picture of Todd In The Shadows Cartoon
[[angryvideogamenerd]] - Cinemassacre Logo
[[playstation]] - Playstation Icon
[[wii]] - Wii Icon
[[americanidol]] - Picture of American Idol judges
[[mtv]] - MTV Logo
[[jerseyshore]] - Cast of Jersey Shore
[[kitchennightmares]] - Chef Ramsay face
[[hellskitchen]] - Hell's Kitchen Logo
[[fox]] - Fox Channel Icon
[[foxnews]] - Fox News Icon
[[abcnews]] - ABC Icon
[[nbc]] - NBC Icon

free smiley face images for orkut, myspace, facebook


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